What Is Cannabidiol?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. One of more than a hundred cannabinoids to be found in plants of the cannabis family. Cannabinoids got their name because they were only found in Cannabis plants at first. After further study however it was found that Cannabinoids exist in many other places including the human body. Each Cannabinoid has its own special and unique effect and in many cases health benefits.

Our full and board spectrum CBD products contain multiple Cannabinoids, of which CBD is the main one. When consuming any RE-UP CBD product there is no risk of intoxication as our extraction techniques strip out any unwanted cannabinoids and leave us only with those pertaining to health benefits. Organic and sustainable hemp is used in manufacturing our CBD products and although hemp belongs to the cannabis family but contains none of the intoxicating properties found in illegal marijuana plant (Cannabis Indica) allowing you to enjoy our products while doing every day activities only in a healthier manner.

Many people, with different ailments, are benefiting from the use of CBD. In addition to that, these people typically notice very little or no side effects. Many scientific studies on CBD have been performed already and many possible uses have come to light. Despite this, at the current time, CBD is not an officially registered medicine for most ailments and diseases, so we are not allowed to make any medical claims regarding CBD but we can say that, in general, CBD supports the functioning of the immune system for example.

In recent decades scientists discovered that cannabinoids cannot only be found in plants, but also in humans. Cannabinoids produced by the body itself are called Endocannabinoids. Research has shown that Endocannabinoids are involved in many important physical processes, like the regulation of appetite, energy, metabolism and sleep. Endocannabinoids also play a vital role in various psychological processes like those of stress, emotions, pain and memory.

Cannibidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp which has been isolated through gentle extraction techniques and does not contain THC.

Do not take CBD oil if you are hypersensitive to CBD or hemp seed oil. Read ingredients listed on the bottle and label thoroughly before use.

If you are taking medication or are considering taking medication: Consult your doctor before taking this product. Do not take if you have any existing liver conditions.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you are planning to have a baby consult your doctor before taking this product.

How to dose correctly / Directions for use.

Effective doses can vary strongly depending on the specific use. To suit every individuals specific needs we decided to offer a broad range of products with various CBD concentrations.

Our standard dosing advice is to take 9/10 drops or 0.25ml under the tongue (orally), 2 to 3 times a day by depressing the tip of the dropper provided. Try and leave the oil in your mouth for 1 minute before swallowing to maximize absorption.

We give the same dosing advice for all of our products, because we assume that our products with higher CBD concentrations are consumed for uses that require a higher dosage of CBD.

You may gradually increase the dosage if necessary to find your optimum dosage.

Although CBD is generally thought to be safe, if you exceed the recommended dosage and are experiencing any side-effects, contact your doctor or emergency medical department.

To our knowledge this product can be stopped immediately without side-effects. If you experience any unexpected side effects contact your doctor. If you miss a dose of this product do not take a double-dose and proceed with your usual scheduled dosage.

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Safe?

CBD oils are a safe product, with the vast majority of consumers experiencing no side effects. This means you can safely increase your dosage. Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 160mg however, as higher doses are considered for medicinal purposes only.

CBD (cannabidiol) is legal. It is extracted from the Industrial Hemp plant which is an entirely different plant to the illegal marijuana plant (Cannabis Indica).

There are little reported side effects taking this product. If you are allergic to any ingredients in this product including both CBD and carrier do not use this product. If you are experiencing any side-effects which may indicate an allergic reaction contact your doctor immediately or call an emergency department.

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. STORE IN A COOL, DARK AND DRY PLACE out of direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.


CBD products are nutritional supplements intended to support overall well-being. These products should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or a a healthy lifestyle. Do not use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.